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The narrow and conventional definition of solvency has harmed potential clients interested in accessing personal loans to start their businesses. CredoLab redefines the way solvency is assessed, allowing decision makers to use a highly reliable alternative data source: mobile device metadata.

The AI-based algorithm combines more than 1 million optional smartphone metadata features to uncover patterns of predictive criminal behavior. It is built on more than 18 million data sets collected from more than 50 financial and loan industry partners in 19 countries. The artificial intelligence credit scoring platform uses this valuable alternative data to produce highly accurate credit scores in real time.

This allows companies to subscribe applications for new clients, unbanked clients, and new credit clients (NTC), such as freelancers, millennials, light archives, among others. In turn, the alternative credit rating platform offers results with a high degree of predictability and precision in real time, while ensuring complete privacy protection.

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Lower costs:

Harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence -
constantly improving your credit policy and reducing acquisition-related costs.

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Quick decisions:

Speed up the credit decision response time by delivering the result in real time.

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Expand credit approval:

Acquire new customer segments

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Holistic process in the credit acquisition.

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Consider new customer segments

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By capturing customer behavior, we detect fraudulent patterns instantly.