A company of owners, dedicated to each new project

Our goal is to provide companies with technology and consulting services, covering all their needs and maximizing their business through a digital lens. By establishing Ombu Tech, we set out to generate added value in the industry: providing our business perspective and focusing on transforming the weaknesses of our clients into strengths. We are a company of owners, involved in each project providing experience and consulting.

Ombu Tech Services

Excellence teams

We put together teams of expert engineers and developers that are dedicated to your business. All Ombu Tech professionals are specialists in their field of work, with great adaptability to change and up to speed with the latest technological advances demanded by the market.

Likewise, our work team is made up of specialists in the financial market and collaborating partners of international recognition, with experience in the tech industry in the United States and Latin America. Our experience, knowledge and training has positioned our team in great demand in the international market.

Experts in the
financial sector

We understand the market and how quick changes in data science can transform businesses. The constant change in the digital world has led us to design and provide innovative solutions, based on data analytics with a focus on the financial and banking market.

We created alliances with best in class fintechs in the world, guaranteeing the latest technology products and software. We are a committed team, working alongside our clients to ensure technological and financial progress, providing them with the best solutions and adding value in the growth of their businesses.

Ombu Tech Services

Our locations

Ombu Tech Services

Basavilbaso 1350

C1001 CABA

Buenos Aires

Ombu Tech Services

San Martín 987

Ombu Tech Services

Info Madrid

Ombu Tech Services

200 S Biscayne Blvd 27th floor


Ombu Tech Services

Mariano Zadeh

President and Co-Founder

Mariano has a career optimizing strategies to improve market results, improving revenue and shareholder value through new engineering. He has thorough experience in new business creation, enhancements, and new product launches. Among his great achievements we find the rapid growth in companies such as Yahoo with a 70% increase in mobile sales, the launch of 4finance to four new countries and the presentation of new products at Enova Intl Brazil.

Ombu Tech Services

María Paula Stock

General and operations manager

"Mapi" Stock is a professional passionate about the search and development of new businesses and market alternatives. Her professional beginnings began in the planning area of Toyota and then deepened in the internet industry through innovation and banking technology. Her last challenge was at 4finance, serving as Marketing, Press and Sales Manager, developing and introducing new industry products to the Argentine market.

Ombu Tech Services

Julio Ballestero


Julio is a proactive leader who stands out for his professional growth within a dynamic and competitive financial service market. He has experience in management and leadership with multidisciplinary teams of resources and services. His career path has left traces of success, as it has been within the CFC group of Banco Comafi, where he reached the position of Manager in the Systems area. He has been responsible for the work teams of Technology, Communication, Technical Support, BI, My Reports, Datacenter productive services, Developments and QA.